Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tuesday 7th.September 2010

With showers forecast from lunchtime , I got out early in the sunshine , for a look around Keston and Hayes Commons . Arriving at Keston Ponds , and without any interest on the water , I went looking for fungi after last night's heavy rain . Straight away I could see it was going to be hard work to find any decent specimens , as most of those found had been eaten or smashed to pieces . Eventually I did manage to find some intact specimens ,
Amanita fulva-Tawny Grisette , just emerged ,
from the same family A.rubescens-The Blusher , and this fresh specimen showing exactly how it gets it's common name , blushing from the centre of the cap out , the only Bolete found was this Suillus luteus-Slippery Jack , and one of several stands of Armillaria mellea-Honey Fungus . When I got back to the ponds , these four 'bitsers' had appeared on the middle pond .The bottom pond failed to produce any Mandarin , but I found this Branched Bur-reed in flower ,together with a left over from the Ninga Turtle craze , what I think is a Red-eared Terrapin .
With the wind strengthening and first clouds appearing I had a look on Hayes Common on the way home .Everything looked very autumnal , and nothing of interest found till I got to the heathland area , where I found another Hornet . At first I thought it was caught up in a spider's web , but as I got closer , realised that it was getting a free meal from the web , an insect already wrapped up for later . Amongst the heather , I found this Common Lizard , enjoying the warmth of the sun . It allowed me to get as close as the 100mm. lens would allow , and was still sunbathing when I left it . One of only two dragonflies recorded , this Common Darter .
Another web found as I was leaving , had the owner at home , which I think is Araneus diadematus , one of the Orb-web spiders .


Phil said...

You found some nice stuff there Greenie, despite the showery weather. Particularly like the lizard close up. Funny how sometimes they seem to let you get up close and personal and other times they're gone in a flash.

Warren Baker said...

Cracker of a Lizard shot Greenie. Ive only ever seen one Lizard on my patch :-(

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie
Another nice selection of photo's. I especially like the close up of the lizard. It is nice to be able to see close up leathery/ scaly skin.
A nice spider shot, coming from someone who is scared stiff of Aracnids.

Kingsdowner said...

All other shots have been praised, so further compliments go to the Branched Bur-Reed!

Anonymous said...

Struggling to find any fresh/new fungi up here Greenie. Think we need a bit more rain & cooler temps to spur them into emerging.