Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday 8th.September 2010

Carol wanted some help with heavy work in the garden today , and as rain was forecasted for much of the day , who was I to refuse . Even though I was confined to the garden , some wildlife was still found .
First thing , this cheeky individual was found in the open fronted storage area almost at the bottom of the back garden . Even though I was no more than 2 metres away taking these shots ,

it was not bothered at all . It was a shame that some green plastic mesh was in between when Itook this one , from the side . Later on , Carol disturbed another Fox , sleeping on the roof of the same structure , down on the bottom corner .
Whilst working with the shredder by the compost bins , this female Garden Spider/Araneus diadematus appeared . She was quite large , her abdomen being about the size of a 5p. piece .
Size comparison too with the ridge on the corrugated sheeting on top of the compost bin .
She proved quite difficult to photograph , as she just would not keep still .Everywhere she went , she produced silk .When I finished photographing her , I placed her in the Ivy on the back wall , and the final shot was her asleep , I think , 5 hours later , in the same spot .Found about the same time as we were packing up , this Oak Bush-cricket-Meconema thallasiniuim .
The rain ? That appeared at 1615 , on and off for about an hour .
And finally , I'm hoping that Anonymous/Gregg will read this post , and help me out with an insect that I rescued out of the same puddle that I found the Frogs in on my last visit to Elmley . I have spent quite a good deal of time searching for the identity , but have not managed it . If you are out there Gregg , please put me out of my misery .


Warren Baker said...

Is that one of those baby eating urban foxes Greenie. You were lucky it didn't take your arm off :-)

Still nice pics despite the mesh.

Anonymous said...

It's one of the parasitic wasps, of which there are thousands of species. Can't do better than 'Ichneumoninae' (a subfamily of the Ichneumonidae) from this photo.