Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday 24th. October 2010

Feeling ashamed how often a certain Blogger takes his good lady out , I decided last night to take my good lady , Carol , out for a run today , mentioning to her an early start , and dropping 'an airport' into the conservation . At 6.30 , still with the stars shining , we set off across south London from East to West . A journey that I do not like doing , but of necessity today .
An hour or so later , after getting lost a couple of times , we turned into one of the car parks at Richmond Park . The sun was low in the sky , frost still on the ground , and within 15 minutes , the first Red Deer was sighted , a large stag .
Also around , a few hinds too .
Fallow Deer are present too , these two rutting on the frosted grass .The sound of Geese , as two of three Egyptian Geese , looking quite exotic in flight , flew over the gathered herds .In the bracken higher up on the slope , I found this tired looking stag , and wondered if he was the dominant force last season , but had been usurped by one of the younger challengers .
Further in the bracken were several hinds feeding , and this young stag , who will not be challenging for a few years yet .
I have often posted that I have come across Rose Ringed Parakeets in varying numbers , but today was unbelievable . Everywhere in the Park , their calling filled the air and at one point a distant 'cloud' in the blue sky , which I thought were Starlings , turned out to be a loose flock of somewhere between 75/100 RRPs . This shot shows just a small part of the flock as it got nearer , and louder . Two were already looking for nest sites on a gnarled old trunk .Before a Carrion Crow arrived above them , probably declaring that he was here first .
When he departed , the RRPs returned to the tree in numbers .
Nearby , under a stand of Oaks , a Jay was collecting Autumn's harvest ,

before stashing them away under some dried grass , but will it remember where it put them ?
Heading down from the higher ground , several more stags and hinds were found chilling out .
and the local Jackdaws were helping out with the grooming , and getting breakfast too .Heading back to the car , several hinds were seen , still suckling last years young .The dominant male was keeping his harem together and any challengers at bay , by the odd bout of bellowing and a half hearted charge if anyone got too near . Speaking to a local dog walker , he hadn't sen any rutting amongst the Red Deer for 7/10 days , so a diary reminder to visit earlier next year .
The journey home was not quite as bad as the one going , but I was glad to get back where I know where I'm going .
Oh , nearly forgot , the reference to 'an airport' ? Well , the Park is right under the flightpath for Heathrow , and every 2 minutes or so , one of these or similar , passed overhead at about 500ft .
Carol has forgiven me , and actually said that she enjoyed the trip , even if unpacking the four suitcases would take most of the rest of the day .


Warren Baker said...

You realise there will be a price to pay for your misleading ways Greenie. Woman NEVER forget :-)

Phil said...

She might say she's forgiven your trickery Greenie but you never your back for a few weeks is my advice.
And as for those brownie points you amassed recently, I reckon you just wiped them out. Be humble, be ever so humble!
Great shots,impressive beasts those Red Deer stags. I like the Corvid nit picker!

ShySongbird said...

Now that was naughty Greenie very, very naughty :) You may well have a lot of paying back to do!

Great deer photos and I do find those parakeets fascinating, it feels like you live in a different country when you show them.

It sounded like a very nice day out...for you...but whether it was for Carol is another matter... :)

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Great shots of the stag Red Deer. Can you send some of the R.n/Parakeets down this way, they just haven't spread to this area yet, they seemed to have missed us out on their way to East Kent.