Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wednesday 13th.October 2010

Today was Autumn all day , with the exception of half an hour's sunshine late afternoon .
In the gloom , I had a look around Keston Ponds and Common this morning . Just the usual species on the middle pond , very little on the top pond , but the bottom pond held 7 Mandarin Ducks , 4 males and 3 females , probably part of the flock of 23 that were at Kelsey Park when I last visited . They were in the dullest corner of the Pond , fossicking for Beech mast amongst the leaf litter and mud . I have also seen them feeding on acorns , as they fell from Oak trees in previous years . They were quite happy with my presence , but when a dog walker came through , they headed for the middle , and then disappeared into the branches of a fallen tree on the island . I did however find 2 Goldcrests today , the first for a long time .
Heading off over the Common , it was obvious that the large emergence of fungi over the last week or so , has come to a stop , and it was back to searching for species , but a few newcomers turned up :
Coltricia perennis , a heathland variety .
In the same area , under Scots Pines , Lactarius rufus-Rufous Milk-cap .
Hebeloma crustuliniforme-Poison Pie , and yes , it is poisonous . Dean , this could be your ? from a couple of days ago , but I was put off by the dark stem on yours , but it might just be with age .
The Otidea onotica-Hare's Ears , have really come on since my last visit , and there are more specimens than I have ever seen before .A close up of one of the larger specimens , shows exactly how it gets it's common name .
And finally , a small bracket , with a big name , Bjerkandera adusta .
Whilst writing this , I received a phone call regarding probably my favourite fungi , Clathrus archeri-Devil's Fingers/Octopus Staghorn . I'm told that there are good numbers on the site , but with working up on the Common tomorrow , I can't get to them till Friday , so I hope they don't come to harm in the meantime .


Warren Baker said...

Thoses Mandarins sure are well camouflaged!

Meant to say yesterday, I think that goldfinch shot is a real classic :-)

ShySongbird said...

The Hare's Ears is definitely well named :)

I always enjoy seeing the Mandarins and have still not seen any myself.

Phil said...

Nice Mandarins Greenie. They look too exotic to be living wild. Would love to get one locally.
Many thanks again for your continued help on my blog.

Anonymous said...

The Poison Pie fungi do look like the ones i photographed the other day. Thanks for that Greenie :-)