Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tuesday 5th.October 2010

Well , what exactly happened last night will probably never be known . I have been having sporadic trouble with Blogger over the last few weeks with comments not appearing on other Blogs and the like , but after drafting last night's post , with text in between the pictures as normal , I published the post , then got a phone call , and never checked to make sure that all was OK like I usually do . I was as surprised as anyone that all the text had disappeared . I have edited the post now , but just with short explanations of each photo . For those who thought that senility had set in , you are probably right , but last night's fiasco was down to Blogger .
Today's volunteering up on the Greensand Ridge , was very wet , but we managed to get a few jobs done before things got really bad early afternoon , when we decided , enough , and packed up for the day .

The only interest found today was a fungus , Stinkhorn-Phallus impudicus . An unusual species , which emerges from an egg-like sack , before rising up to 25cms. high . There are no gills or pores to release spores as with most fungi , this species relies on an unusual method of spore dispersal . On top of the white stalk , the head , which is covered in a dark olive slime which contains the spores . This slime smells revolting , often described as that of rotting flesh . Such a smell attracts flies from a long distance , and when they settle on the slime , some of it sticks to their legs , and when they leave , the spores are dispersed with them .
The top of this specimen had been eaten , probably by slugs as it emerged , showing another unusual feature of having a hollow stem . On a dry day , flies would very quickly carry off the slime , and soon afterwards , the fungus collapses .
The Stinkhorn is a member of the Phallaceae family , and almost exactly 5 years ago , to the day , I was lucky enough to photograph a rare member of the family Devil's Fingers-.Clathrus archeri , also known as Octopus Stinkhorn This species is believed to have been introduced in the wood used to make packing cases from Australia , which contained materials for the World War 1 effort . As everything was scarce at the time , the wood was used to make chicken coups and the like , and the spores got into the ground .
Tomorrow's work has already been abandoned due to another wet and windy forecast .


Phil said...

This weather is getting beyond a joke Greenie. I even resorted to going out in the rain myself today, whatever next?!
Glad to see you're still with us, didn't know what to think when I saw yesterday's post.
I can smell those Stinkhorns from here!

Warren Baker said...

Stinkhornes are just about the only fungus I can ID :-)

One more Sh*t weather day and it's back to the sunshine :-) **Allegedly**

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ShySongbird said...

So glad you are back in full flow today :) Blogger can be very temperamental!

Re yesterday's post, I'm not sure I have ever seen Shaggy Soldier-Galinsoga, or maybe I have overlooked it!

I seem to remember you saying Carol makes Sloe Gin so expect she will be busy soon judging by the ones in your photo.

We were supposed to have poor weather today but this afternoon was quite sunny here.

I would love to see the Devil's Fingers not so keen to smell it though :)

Kingsdowner said...

I've been meaning to ask about the non-arrival of comments - Warren's comments get emailed to me but yours and others don't.

Perhaps the anonymous seller of spyglasses can assist?

Shysongbird, try looking at your local market gardener's beds, as that's where Shaggy Soldier (or his Gallant colleague) lives.

Anonymous said...

Not on the same scale but i went through a spell of comment failure.
Blogger is temperamental at times.

I`d love to see the Devils-fingers fungi.