Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday 16th.March 2009

I know you've heard it before , but we were sitting having breakfast this morning , when I looked down the garden at the feeders , and immediately left the Weetabix , and shot up to the back bedroom window . Carol had seen them a few times recently , but I had always been out . There , waiting his turn was a male Siskin . As usual , the Goldfinches were in charge , and held him at bay . Eventually , he got his chance , and in he jumped . Whilst trying for a reasonable shot , I looked into the Laburnam tree in my next door neighbour's garden , and there looking very nervous was the wife . I had hoped for a shot of them both on the same feeder , but the Goldfinches , often squabbling amongst themselves seemed to keep her at a distance . Great I thought , and considered getting back to the Weetabix , when , with another influx of Chaffinches onto the path comes this bird . Not a very good shot I know , but definatley a different Brambling , being not so colourful as yesterday's bird . Then , I get a very quick view of a female Brambling , no chance of a picture . Two minutes later , what I think was yesterday's bird lands on the path . So , in the matter of 5 minutes , a pair of Siskins and three Bramblings , and as quickly as they arrived , they were gone with the arrival of the 'heavy mob' - half a dozen Jackdaws . At least I was able to get back to my breakfast .
After lunch , I went for a stroll on the Common . Once again , there were good numbers of Comma and Brimstone , and one Peacock . I headed over to the one of the Gorse areas , and once again heard and saw the Long Tailed Tits . I stood and watched them for a while as they collected feathers and flew back into the Gorse . I followed them , and eventually located the nestsite . It was right in the middle and right at the top of the Gorse patch . There was just one spot on the outside where the entrance to the nest could be seen , so I set the camera up on the monopod and waited . Eventually , after a few failed attempts , I managed to get a few shots of a new species - the Moustacheoed Tit . They showed no interest in me and just carried on with the job in hand . On the way back to the car , I had another attempt at a Goldcrest , but once again came up well short with the result .
Clearing glades for reptiles up on the Greensand Ridge tomorrow using chainsaws . Doesn't sound promising , but we will have breaks .


Warren Baker said...

All that walking about I do, and you get 3 Brambling, just by sitting eating weetabix. best I buy a pack!

PS looks like your feeders need filling up!

Phil and Mandy said...

Yes I believe I will be off for some Weetabix also, nice photos Greenie.

Ken said...

Hi Greenie. This sounds a bit like yesterdays report. If tomorrows report is going to be similar, does this mean it is going to turn into a CEREAL ?????
If so, wil you be MILKING it for all it's worth???
Seroiusly though. You had yourself a great day at home,with the Brambling's and Siskin's.

Adam said...

Nice to see Brambling and Siskin still kicking around - I'm in Spring mood now!


Steve said...

Just catching up on your posts Fred - looks like a great few days. some excellent pictures.