Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday 17th.March 2009

Spent the day chainsawing up on the Greensand Ridge , but at breaks , did manage to find some wildlife . Brimstone , Comma and a single Peacock put in an appearance , same as the last few days , and all species that overwinter as adults . After a bit on chasing down , not easy in chainsaw gear , I managed a couple of shots of the Peacock , the first shots of the year of this species .
Over the day , working at two sites , I managed to find three Adders , all males , including this one that was quite happy for me to get a close up , showing that red eye with the vertical pupil .
The only other reptile found today was a single Slow Worm .Same again tomorrow , so it's pot luck if anything interesting is found .
Had the bright coloured male Brambling on the feeders this morning and Carol had him again this afternoon .


Phil and Mandy said...

Love the snake pictures. Regards Phil

Ken said...

Hi Greenie. Considering you was busy today, you didn't do bad for wildlife. Nice shots of Butterflies, and the Viper.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Greenie,

What a brilliant blog you have here! I love it and have bookmarked it so that I can go right back through your archives when I am not in a rush.

Your mention of the Brambling makes me envious. Last year we had them visiting the garden in large numbers, at that time I didn't have a decent camera and needless to say this year there have been no visits at all. We also had two or three Siskins for a short while last year, which is highly unusual here but sadly again none this year.

baggywrinkles said...

Hi Greenie
Nice pics you certanly have been out and about.
Do you follow KOSnet and recieve emails? if you do you will know what a hornets nest has been stirred up.
Dave Jordan, now Pixelman.