Sunday, 8 March 2009

Saturday 7th.March 2009

Too knackered to post last night after a long day , travelling and hedgelaying near Newbury , Berks .
The first sighting of the day was on the M4 , about jnct.10 , when a Red Kite appeared from the nearside verge , passed across the motorway in front of us at no more than 20 ft . , and carried on searching on the verge on the other side . If it hadn't been on the motorway , it would have made a great shot , but it wasn't to be .
We reached the farm where the hedgelaying was taking place earlier than expected , thanks to a really good run , so spent time having a look at the hedge before starting . I saw a movement in the field behind , which turned out to be a Brown Hare , moving slowly along a ridge . I rushed back to the car , grabbed the camera , ran to the top of the ridge , and , on getting there , saw the back end of the hare exiting the far end of the field , about 200 mtrs. away at a good rate of knots . I got a very , very distant shot , with the animal at full tilt , middle of scren , going right to left . I shall have to get some information from John - Go Wild In Kent , about how to approach the species , as my way definately doesn't work . I missed a close up of the hare , but was treated to a pair of Lapwing displaying in flight . Later in the day there were a pair of Skylark , which incidentally were singing all day , doing exactly the same .
No sooner had I put the camera back in the car , then I spotted a male Yellowhammer in a hedge that had been layed last year . Grabbed the camera again and headed towards him . He got twitchy as I approached , but manage a couple of shots before he got fed up anf lew further along the hedgeline . Just before leaving the farm , had distant views and hear calling , a Common Buzzard .
Visiting the Greensand Ridge this afternoon with the Sec. of KRAG . Reptiles ?

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Phil and Mandy said...

Nice pics of the Yellowhammer mate.Phil