Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday 31st.March 2009

Just one day working up on the Greensand Ridge this week . So , knowing that wildlife would be at a premium whilst working , I turned a few tins before starting , not that much was found . The three Slow Worms under felt , were still in situ , looking as if they hadn't moved since my last visit , and a Common Lizard was under another , looking as if it had finished it's slough now . The same Adder was found on the Juniper patch , but , whilst there , Bullfinches were calling incessently . I caught odd glimpses , but no chance of a photo . Eventually , three of them flew across the site in line astern , each showing a white rump . Also on site , was a single singing Chiffchaff .
The lighter late afternoon enabled another look around on the way home . On my way , along a narrow lane , I found my first Wood Sorrel of the year in flower , a good sized patch on a shady bank . My first find on site was a female Roe Deer on the edge of one of the Adder glades that we made recently . It is deep within Sweet Chestnut coppice , so although I tried for a shot , there was too much vegetation in between . The refugia here also produced very little except for one Slow Worm laying on Bluebells . Just one Adder was found , a male , and he was already on his way undergroung for the night . The most unexpected sighting , was when a rustle of leaves attracted my attention to a log on the ground , and the leaves were those directly alongside it . I thought I would wait a bit , camera in hand , to try and see what caused the rustling . After a couple of minutes , I could see movement between the ground and the log . I couldn't be sure what it was , so a 'Mexican Standoff' started . After another few minutes , more movement , and a bit better view . Now I could see a twinkling eye and whiskers . Then it got brave , and ventured further out of it's hole , and showed as a Wood Mouse . A second after this was taken , it was off along the log and disappeared into the vegetation .I left it to look for it's tea , whilst I set off for mine .
I notice some people have no longer got their Bramblings at their feeders , here , the male was in this morning , and I caught sight of the female this evening . Also visiting this morning was the female Great Spotted Woodpecker , who stopped for a drink . I close with one of the local Robins , giving me the evil eye , after spotting the camera lens .

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Warren Baker said...

I Like the mouse Greenie! Your turn for the Male Brambling, give it back when you're done!

PS i'll find an Orange Tip Tomorrow!