Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday 8th.March 2009

First thing , Down House bird survey . Although the sun was out , a bitter strong wind was blowing over the site , and probably because of that , only 14 species were recorded . The ones looking most at home in the conditions were 11 Fieldfare , hanging on for dear life in the top of an Oak . Others of interest were 3 Green Woodpecker feeding on the ground and a Sparrowhawk working the hedges around the cricket field . There were no signs of the Jacob's sheep lambs , but one of the adults is most definately still around .
On the way back , I made a quick stop at the farm lake , just to see if any unexpected visitors were about . Answer no , just a Grey Heron , a pair of Tufted Duck , a single Little Grebe , looking very dapper coming into breeding plumage , and the usual Coots and Moorhens . Another reason for calling in was to see if the Coltsfoot had come into flower . Steve-Kingsdowner found it in flower weeks ago now , but here it is just starting to flower . This was the most advanced plant I could find , but there was plenty just bursting bud , and should look a picture in a couple of weeks , given some decent weather .
As I was leaving , I noticed a pair of Mistle Thrush on the post and rail fencing around the sand school . One flew off , but the other stayed put , to pose first one way then another and then another before flying off to join it's mate .
On the bottom lane , near the horse fields , the rookery which has only supported 2 nests for the last couple of years , has doubled up to 4 this year .
This afternoon's meeting up on the Greensand Ridge with KRAG started just as the sun went in and was followed by squally showers , culminating in a very heavy hail shower with gale force winds . I don't have to say that absoloutely no reptiles were found , not surprising as the temperature halved in a matter of minutes .

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Ken said...

Hello Greenie.
Nice picture of a Jacobs Sheep. It's been a long time since I have seen one.