Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday 19th.March 2009

This morning , before heading up to the Common for another day on the chainsaw , I stopped off at Keston ponds to see what was new . Very little was the answer . In mirky conditions , before the sun got to work , there was no sign of the Mandarins in their usual place . But , on the end of the fallen tree that they use as a roost , was a Coot nest with the female aleady sitting ( sorry to mention that there will be more Coots around this year Warren ) . When I looked around the middle pond , I noticed a single male Mandarin making for the diagonally opposite corner . Unless you have a loaf in your hands , they tend to stay well clear .
I made my way round and found him tucked up in the corner with his female . As soon as I took this the pair disappeared into the overhanging vegetation . I wonder if they will stay and breed , there are plenty of holes in mature trees that would suit , who knows . The only new residents were found on the top pond , in the form of a pair of Greylag Geese looking very pompous . On the same pond was a Black Headed Gull atop a post , almost in full summer plumage . The only interest during the day was a Chiffchaff which called constantly all day . The Long Tailed Tits must have finished their nest as all was quiet there .
The latest episode of the Brambling cereal , played out this morning . I don't want to milk the story , but for those who have invested in Weetabix , we had toast and honey for breakfast , and both male Bramblings were on the path , ( thanks for the puns Ken ) .

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Warren Baker said...

I'm gonna coot - knap the young uns Greenie!
Honey on toast tch! how the other half live! I have to make do with marmite.