Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday 23rd.July 2010

Once the weather improved after lunch , I headed for White Hill , to see how the Chalkhill Blues were getting on . Numbers have exploded since last week , and good numbers of females were seen . Like several of the Blues , the females are brown . My estimate for the species on site was 200+ and that total included a minimum of 20 mating pairs . One pair were getting hammered by a still stiff breeze , so I helped them to a more sheltered place , after a finger shot .
I then visited two Reptile survey areas , and between the two , recorded 10 Slow Worms ,
including this group of four .
11 Adders , including one dead individual , and this male (right) and female , tucked up cosily together . Too late to mate this year , but no harm in laying down some building blocks for next Spring , and 2 Common Lizards , this one trying to blend into the background . Chalkhill Blues were recorded on both sites along with Small Copper , good numbers of very fresh Brown Argus and this Peacock , posing on Old Man's Beard /Travellers Joy . One for Dean on his birthday , and I don't think this is a day flyer , as it was just playing dead on Greater Knapweed . Thanks to Dean/DDD , identified as Dusky Sallow .
And finally , Dean posted a rare , for his area , Small Scabious a while back , and I commented on how we take the species for granted . This shot is just one very small area of the Downs , taken today , and every tuft of light blue , is a Small Scabious .


Anonymous said...

Dusky Sallow, Greenie.

It`s good to compare your profusion of Small Scabious to my three plants.

Another great set of photos.

Warren Baker said...

Like the small copper pic. Greenie.

BTW thanks for confirming the Essex Skipper, a Lifer for me :-)

Dave J. said...

Hi Fred
Love the adder pic, did not realise the colour difference between male and female, clearly depicted in your shot.
Again many thanks for info on moth book, I t arrived at noon and is flatpacked so will assemble tomorrow.
Good spotting