Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tuesday 20th.July 2010

Today , up on the Greeensand Ridge , it was time again for the monthly Dormouse and Reptile survey , 70 Dormouse boxes and 30 pairs of refugia to be checked .
At the first site , the remnants of Spring's Bluebells were waiting for us , or any other passer by , to broadcast their seeds , to ensure another blue carpet next year . As we brushed by , the sound of the seeds being thrown from their pods could be heard all around .
We had anticipated a poor day for Reptiles being so humid , but we finished with 6 Adders and an equal 6 Slow Worms , without a single Common Lizard or Grass Snake . But the stars of the day were the Dormice . In one box , we found two young specimens , 'Pinkies' with no fur and still with closed eyes , probably no more than 2/3 days old , together with their very active mother , hence no hand held shots , but no sign of the father .
Right down at the far end of the run of boxes , a semi-torpid female , with eyes open , and getting more active by the second .
Heading back up the slope , another family , once again , mother and four young , starting to colour up , and probably about ten days old , still with closed eyes .
When we got to the second site , 20 boxes , we found an even younger family of four young with both parents , but being in a windy spot , we just counted the young and didn't remove them from their nest , but they couldn't have been more than a day old .
In total , 5 adults and 10 young , lets hope all the youngsters make it to adulthood .


Warren Baker said...

Good to see the next generation of Mickeys Greenie :-)

Can you check out the Butterfly ID on my blog today for me . Cheers

Phil said...

First time i've seen pics of baby Dormice Greenie, but why would there be a semi torpid adult right now? Hope that's not a silly question!

Greenie said...

Phil ,
We haven't got any answers to that one . It caught us by surprise in these temperatures .
It didn't seem ill , and livened up quickly from the heat of my hand .

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
There is something about your Dormouse photo's that does it for me. They are the cutest, no one can disagree.
How I envy you, handling them. I would be happy seeing one.
Although I know you need a license to do your job.
Lovely blog, lovely photo's.

ShySongbird said...

Nearly missed this post! Good results there and who could resist those little creatures, I do hope they continue to thrive. You are doing a great job Greenie :)