Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wednesday 21st. July 2010

A few more shots from Monday and Tuesday . Small Red-eyed Damselfly at the Farm lake . Apart from obvious size difference , identified by blue on underside of the segment , immediately in front of the all blue one . Also at the Farm lake , two Black-tailed Skimmers , in the ring . Only problem , both are in male colours . I also have a shot of the female (male) , ovipositing . Will have to contact someone regarding this pair . In an outhouse at my Warden's place , found this large moth , caught up in spiders webs . I didn't recognise it at first , but when it closed it's wings , it was easier . I placed the Buff Tip outside in the log store , to await evening .Also found this Light Emerald , with blood red spots on the angles of the wings . Some of the species , like this one , also have red line joining the two spots along the back of the fore and hind wings .Another that I think I have identified , is this Scalloped Oak . Dun-bar.But am going to need some help with this one , Dean . Engrailed .Help also needed please with this colourfully winged insect . Six Belted Clearwing .

Shouldn't have attempted the Scalloped Oak , as that was incorrect .
The correct identifications are in green below each shot . Many thanks to Dean / DDD for puttings things right , again . Also Mike Easterbrook , Kent Butterfly Recorder , for emailing the identification of the Clearwing .
Also thanks to Davo / L&LOAWS , for his attempt and getting the family right with the Clearwing , which was a lot better than I did .


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Greenie - my money's on a worn Twin Spot Carpet and a Hornet Clearwing.

Hope I'm right



Warren Baker said...

You're sliding into the moths Greenie - slowly but surely :-)

Dean said...

Greenie, the moths in order of appearance are Dun-bar, Engrailed (a very variable species) & Six-belted Clearwing.

Greenie said...

Davo ,
Thanks for your attempt .

Warren ,
Carol says I can't do moths , as she sees so little of me now !

Dean ,
The man ! Thanks again .

Dave J. said...

Hi Fred
Some nice moth pic's, getting myself geared up for moth trapping, not to sure I have done the right thing, however to late now i've purchased the trap.
All I have to do now is get a moth book, any ideas Fred?

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Doh...shoulda got em right and spotted the Dun bar - had that one in the garden!