Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tuesday 27th.July 2010

Just a few shots from yesterday and today .
1 of 2 juvenile Jays that noisily took up residence in the garden with their parents yesterday .
Female Adder ,and male Adder , I came across up on the Greensand Ridge today .Also up on the Ridge , a strange pairing in a field , Shetland Pony and Alpaca , I think .He's probably called Al , but I couldn't help thinking he should be called Dean , from the latter's early years !
That's scuppered any chance of getting my moths identified in the future .


Warren Baker said...

Jays in the garden is a good one Greenie.

Dean said...

Oooh!! Greenie. All it`s missing, is a couple of piercings ;-)

I think i might be persuaded to keep on identifying your unknown moths.