Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday 4th.July 2010

On Saturday morning , on the way to do the Down House bird survey , stopped at the Ash tree on the Common , still no PHs . The glade was being patrolled by this male Emperor Dragonfly . Also managed a half decent shot of male Bullfinch , seeing as they don't come to our feeders . The bird survey produced a measly 17 species , the best being a singing Yellowhammer , enough said . As the two border , looked for Small Blue on West Kent Golf Course without success , but looking for eggs on the flowers of Kidney Vetch , found this Leaf Beetle-Chrysolina polita , in it's metallic suit . Back in the grounds of Down House , found Violet Helleborine in the dark Sandwalk Woodland , that necessitated flash .
Today , anothe look at the Common and still nothing , I am starting to get worried now . Then I led a Nature Walk for the people of Bredhurst , near Maidstone . Plenty of butterflies about , with 50+ Marbled White , including two mating pairs , female with brown underwing markings . Two added surprises were a tatty single male Adonis Blue and a female Adder , that gave everyone good picture opportunities .
The big meadow was full of Burnet moths , their caterpillars and their cocoons , some occupied , and some empty with the chrysalis showing . Lots of Pyramidal Orchids , including a few white specimens , and a single Bee Orchid .


Warren Baker said...

It's a quiet time for birds thats for sure Greenie. However the insect life is reaching a peak, I found my first PH of the year and a White Admiral - a lifer butterfly - I was as excited as a kid at christmas :-)

ShySongbird said...

One flash of a Bullfinch in the garden last year was all I have seen of one anywhere since I was a child when they were a common sight in the garden.

I haven't seen a Marbled White this year yet.