Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuesday 13th. July 2010

Just a few images from an afternoon trip yesterday , as the skies started to brighten in the afternoon . Keith had been to White Hill near Shoreham the day before , and found the first few Chalkhill Blues on the wing , so I went to check them out . I found a handful of males , all hunkered down in the grass , only moving when disturbed . One of the largest Blues , almost the size of a Gatekeeper , and the last of the Blues to emerge , being found only where their sole food plant , Horseshoe Vetch , grows .
Growing too , at the moment , large numbers of Devilsbit Scabious-Succisa pratensis . Hopefully they will flower this year , after being demolished by the large Rabbit population last year . Colour on the slopes came from Wild Basil-Clinopodium vulgare , and the vibrant Yellow-wort-Blackstonia perfoliata .

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ShySongbird said...

Great photos and info as always. If we manage to get to Watlington Hill again this time I hope to see the Chalkhill Blue. I hadn't realised it was that big! It is a large area though and finding the Horseshoe Vetch will be the challenge.