Friday, 24 December 2010

Friday 24th.December 2010

Oh , and just for Warren - BAH , HUMBUG .

Didn't think I was going to get out today, but , as I was bringing Carol back from shopping , I just happened to pass the Holly tree , which now is almost bare of berries . The remaining ones were on the outside , overhanging the pavement , and as I slowly passed , saw a couple of birds trying for them . I brought Carol home , grabbed the camera , went back and parked up . Initially the birds , many fewer than on previous visits , stayed in the middle of the tree , but eventually they were drawn to those last remaining berries , giving an opportunity to show how easy and quickly the operation is conducted :
1. Select berry ,
2. Pick selected berry ,
3. Position selected berry ,
4. Swallow selected berry ,
5. Allow time for selected berry to go down , whilst selecting next berry .

Apologies to those fed up with Redwing shots , these will be my last , but I thought they fitted in well with the Red and Green theme at the start of the post .


Kingsdowner said...

Good tidings to you too Fred.

I'm sure the Bah Humbuggers get festive when the day finally arrives.

Phil said...

Can't get fed up with Redwing shots when they are that good Greenie.
My run of good luck came to a proper end today when I dipped on Rough legged Buzzard at New Hythe seen by Terry Laws, I shot down there but the party was over.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and Carol.

Warren Baker said...

We'll miss them when they're gone Greenie.

Have an great Christmas Greenie, I'm not really a Bah Humbug ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great set of shots Greenie.

All the best to you & Carol.

ShySongbird said...

Not fed up with them at all Greenie and this selection is beautiful, real Christmas crackers!

Hope you and Carol are having a very happy Christmas.