Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wednesday 1st December 2010

After a cold visit to Hayes Farm on Monday afternoon , which produced very little apart from a pair of Egyptian Geese landing on the almost completely frozen Trout Fishery , yesterday and last night dumped 9''+ of snow , bringing the whole area to gridlock , as the local Council had only treated the main roads , leaving the side roads to very quickly become skid pans .
At least this morning the snow was very light , so I cleared an area by the rockery to put down some birdfood , hoping that the local cats would stay in doors . This was the depth of snow on the birdbath by the rockery , and the path was even deeper . The feeders were draped in the white stuff too , but surprisingly few birds were coming to them . The seed on the path only brought the usual Woodpigeons , their tracks showing in the fresh fall of snow . Eventually a small flock of Chaffinches showed up , and although I could hear Goldfinches and Greenfinches could be heard , they must have had better fare on offer elsewhere . Once again , the Chaffinches were supplementing their diet with the Pyracantha berries .
I've spent most of the day working on photos on the computer , with regular looks out the back window , hoping for another Brambling or even a Waxwing , but neither showed . Looking up at next doors Eucalyptus tree , I did see how Rose Ringed Parakeets deal with this weather , head under wing and dose , hoping it will all be gone when they wake up . The only other visitors spotted were a pair of Collared Doves , really surprising given the conditions .


Phil said...

Parakeets and snow in the same picture Greenie, seems a bit incongruous. You've had a bit more snow than us, we're on about five inches so far.

Warren Baker said...

I had all the birds in my garden Greenie!

You have no gritters because they are all here! My lane was gritted 4times today, and it's not even a main road, infuriating for me as I like it free of traffic :-)

PS the local councillor lives in the lane, do you think this has a bearing on it :-)

Kingsdowner said...

Blinking 'eck, that's a lot of snow.

Nice pics, especially the one of footprints along the path.

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Those Parakeet's certainly brighten up a snowy picture.Phil's right, you do have a lot of snow.
Going by what you wrote on my blog I reckon you could do with a pair of yaktraps.
Nice photo's Greenie.

ShySongbird said...

My goodness you have had some snow there!! We have been very lucky with only a small amount so far, it seems to have gone all round us but the temperatures have been bitter with -10C the other morning. I'm surprised you didn't have more birds at the feeders but perhaps their visits coincided with your sessions on the computer.

Having never seen Parakeets anywhere near my area I am always struck by how exotic and rather out of place they look when I see them on blogs but yours look even odder in the snow...and asleep!!

Very nice photos throughout :)

Anonymous said...

As hard as i tried, i couldn`t keep my feeding station free from snow. There was just no let up. Well apart from an hour, early afternoon.

Orchids and Nature said...

That's a big snowfall we've only about 6 inches up here in N.E. Lancashire