Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday 3rd.December 2010

Thankfully , very little more snow fell overnight , so it was just a matter of putting down fresh seed on the ground and replenishing the feeders this morning .
The male Blackcap showed well again whilst we were having breakfast , but didn't show again all day . As Warren suggested last night , this could well be one of the birds that over-wintered in the garden last year .Two Rose Ringed Parakeets , perhaps the ones dozing yesterday , spent time practising their acrobatics , whilst having their breakfast . We needed some essentials from the town , so I donned several layers and wellies , and took my life in my hands on pavements that resembled skating rinks . Once I got to the bus route , things were easier , and even better on the main road to the town , but it meant that I had to return to the skating rink again . I managed to get some milk , bread and vegetables , but fresh food was very scarce in the supermarket . I returned home , back onto the untreated roads and pavements . Living on the edge of the estate is good , usually , except when it is forgotten about by the gritters .
I got out after lunch , walking to the very edge of the estate , and into the open fields beyond . Along the road , another Rowan tree , a couple of hundred metres from the one containing the Waxwing , held the only Winter Thrush that I saw or heard whilst I was out , a Fieldfare . Strange how both species are usually found in flocks , but both of mine were singles . As I walked along the bridleway, I questioned if I had done the right thing , as a cold mist came rolling down the valley . I took a couple of shots , in colour , even though they do look monochrome , but I can assure that it was as cold as it looks . It also meant that I saw or heard very little , but even so , it was good to be out again .
The most unexpected sighting was just after I got home ,
when this watery sun appeared very briefly , to be quickly smothered again by cloud . But , it was a sign of things to come , as a bit later blue skies , the first for best part of a week , heralded the setting sun . But it was quickly obvious that we would pay for those skies , as the temperature nose dived , well before the sun disappeared over the horizon .
The 'single syndrome' continued during this period , when this Song Thrush was found feeding on the Pyracantha berries .
For once , I'm glad that there is no hedgelaying tomorow .


Phil said...

Lovely Fieldfare shot Greenie, wish I could get one! Did you forget the wine and beer from your shopping list?

Warren Baker said...

Whats that in the feeders next to the Parakeets ? Strawberries?

Greenie said...

Phil ,
No worries , stocked up before the snow came .

Warren ,
What pensioner could afford Strawberries ? They were some fallen apples I came across whilst out , but nothing seems to want them .

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Wish I had Parakeets in my garden, not too many mind you.
Nice photo's of the Song Thrush, and Fieldfare.
As for the shopping trip, brave of you to go, mind you it would have been a lot braver to have asked Carol to go....bad idea.

ShySongbird said...

It definitely sounds like you took your life in your hands (or in your wellies) Greenie, glad you managed to keep upright!

That is a beautiful photo of the Song Thrush, it could grace any Christmas card.

Stay safe...and warm.