Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wednesday 29th. December 2010

On Christmas Eve , I started with a stinking cold , with tight chest and a really bad throat , so needless to say , I haven't ventured far on the ensuing days . So I am just posting a few shots taken on the odd occasion I did get out , until this afternoon .
On Boxing Day , I visited my parents grave on the occasion of their wedding anniversary . Three birds caught on camera :
Green Woodpecker , and a male Pheasant .
On the 27th. a quick look around the church in Hayes , produced none of the expected Winter Thrushes , but did produce a female Blackbird , with an almost Ring Ousel look about it .
Yesterday , the 28th . brought three Fieldfares into the bottom end the garden . I got a record shot of two of them , but as I was watching them start working their way up to where the food was , I caught sight of one of the local cats , crouched under some bushes , so had to chase off the Fieldfares before they got into good photographic range . I also chased off the cat .
This morning , as he has most mornings this week , the male Greater Spotted Woodpecker breakfasted on the fat and seed mix , stuffed into the holes on an upright log . This afternoon , I checked the berried trees again , finding only a single Fieldfare on Cotoneaster berries in a roadside garden . I then had a very quiet walk up on the Common , and as the drizzle started , I checked one of the Oak trees near the car park . After a very poor year for Purple Hairstreaks , I was well pleased to find 4 PH eggs in as many minutes . Hopefully , this will mean a better year for the species . The drizzle became rain , and I headed home .


Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
I know exactly how you feel/felt. I too have a cold, and it was at it's worse before Xmas.
It always makes you better to get out.
I hope your cold clears up soon. look after yourself.

Warren Baker said...

thats an incredible find grenie ( the ph egg) I hope the new year sees you in beeter health mate.

Kingsdowner said...

Hope you're rallying now..... it's a nasty strain this year, and really lays you low.
The hairstreak egg reminds us that spring is around the corner.