Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday 11th. March 2011

Yesterday's work session on the Common started with the sad sight of a male Roe Deer lying on the verge at the entrance to the car park . It was probably hit by a speeding car in the early hours , and was beyond any help when found .
I could only manage a couple of hours out after lunch , by which time , the earlier sunshine was once again hidden behind grey cloud and the wind started to feel much cooler again too . My first stop was Keston Ponds , with the only interest being four male Mandarin trying to attract a single female . There was much scrapping , whistling and posturing , both above and below the surface , before one took the spot that all of them wanted , perched in the favourite overhanging tree , next to the sole female . The white blurr to the left of the male , was another male showing off .
I quick look up on the Greensand Ridge produced four Adders , once again all males , and I think 3 of them were animals seen on my last visit .
My last visit , on the way back home , was to High Elms to check up on the Butterbur after seeing it in full flower on Dean/DDD's blog . On the way I passed the dipping pond , where I found a huge amount of frogspawn , the first I have seen this year . Further along the track were lots of Sweet Violets/Viola odorata , and among the many blue/violet specimens , were a few white ones . I was surprised when reaching the patch where the Butterbur grow to find no sign of it at all , so I will have to be patient on this one . This is one of the plants that flower first and leaf afterwards . Before heading back to the car , a quick look at the ponds near the educational centre produced more frogspawn , but most had been hit by the recent frosts , but more had been deposited since , and hopefully this will survive .
My early finish was to be back home for my newly fitted windscreen to be trimmed properly , as it was not on the first attempt . For once , the arranged appointment was on time .


Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
There seems to be a lot of frog spawn about at the moment.. I keep hearing from people they have quite a bit in their ponds.
It is such a shame to hear about the deer that was hit by a car, I just hope it didn't suffer,(I am a big softy)
Have a good weekend Greenie.

ShySongbird said...

Always nice to see the Mandarin, I haven't seen them around here at all.

I haven't seen any frogspawn yet this year but suspect it won't be long.

Such a shame about the Roe Deer, a very sad end for a lovely, gentle creature.

Anonymous said...

Greenie, I might be up on the Butterbur, but you`ve beat me with the Frog spawn & the Violets.

John Young said...

Hi Greenie, frogs have declined big time in my garden pond over the last few years so it's good to know they are ok elsewhere. John

Warren Baker said...

I never get frogspawn in my garden ponds Greenie, and when I have put some in it gets eaten by Newts ! :-)