Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday 26th. March 2011

With the cooler possibly damp forecast , I decided that today , I must catch up with maintenance and sharpening of my chainsaws and hedgelaying tools , which have been sat on the garage bench looking at me for the last week . The weather was just as had been forecasted , Carol went shopping and I got on with my jobs . From nowhere , the sun appeared and the temperature rose considerably .Thinking of the good day had on the Downs yesterday , the tools were put down again , and I was off to the Greensand Ridge to see what was about there . On arrival , the temperature was perfect for reptiles , warmth from the sun through thin cloud and feeling a bit clammy . The fact that it was not sunny , blue sky and hot , would mean that animals would be further out from cover to get that warmth . So it was with this Common Lizard , which did not move an inch as got closer and closer . In fact , it was so laid back , that the lens hood was almost resting on it's nose when I took this shot , prehistoric or what ? The away from cover also worked on the first Adder found , making an interesting shape as it soaked up the warmth . Not quite so out in the open were these three male Adders , but by now , the sun had gone again andit felt much cooler without it , so the three were huddled together to retain the heat between them . Just as the shutter went , the one on the top right of the trio realised I was there and was moving back under cover . The head of the second is easy to see , and the head of the third is about half an inch to the left of the second . At the same time , it started to drizzle , which became light rain , which continued off and on , mainly on until about 1400 , but it did mean I made my way home and finished the job that I had started . On returning from shopping , Carol wasn't at all surprised that the car was missing . Only other interest found on the short visit was a Peacock , it too warming up before getting the showers .


ShySongbird said...

Beautiful, detailed photo of the Lizard, Greenie!

Looking for reptiles is far more exciting than cleaning the tools ;)

Warren Baker said...

Thats what I like to see Greenie, pleasure before businness :-)

Paul said...

Hi Greenie, very nice close ups of the Lizard there, and some great Adder shots too.
Your definitely right about the clear blue sky and blazing sun theory too. Once reptiles have reached their optimum body temperature, then they are more likely to be out of sight.

Phil said...

Great shots Greenie, even better for being taken while you were AWOL!