Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monday 21st. March 2011 (4)

I did my usual slow drive down to the Harty Ferry Inn and back , making several stops along the way . The wires provided interest as usual , with a smart male Kestrel using them as a good lookout over the ground below , and another three Corn Buntings , two of which flew off as I stopped , but one stayed just that little bit longer . As I said in the last post , at least six Marsh harriers were seen , some still patrolling the ditches , searching for the next meal , but others were in show off mood , chasing and calling as they did so . Even though the tide was right in , there was little to be seen at the saltings behind the Ferry Boat Inn , and definitely no sign of the Spoonbill that has been seen there recently . As I reached the Fleet on my return journey , a pair of Oystercatchers seemed to be settling down to roost , both on one leg , perhaps it's a Sheppey thing . As I reached the top of the hill , an orange lamb caught my attention in the field on the left . When I stopped and got a better look , it was the second of a pair of lambs , and had probably been born as I was driving up the hill . The whiter lamb , steadier on it's legs , was probably the first born . Back in the car and driving down to the main road , a small flock of 5/6 Red Legged Partridge appeared from the hedge on the right and started running in front of the car like Pheasants do . The majority took off and flew into the field on the left , but these two 'roadrunners' almost reached the main road before they gave up . The last sighting of the day was the same as the first , a Brown Hare on the edge of the field the RLPartridges flew into . The only difference with the first sighting was that this Hare was taking the late afternoon rays with a female Mallard , another Sheppey thing ? I finished up with 63 species on the island .
A few shots from today whilst working up on the Common in milky sunshine , but very pleasant conditions . We had non stop song all day from a Chiffchaff that seemed to be visiting every tall tree in the area to spread it's message . Also seen and heard toing and froing amongst the tall Gorse were a pair of Long-tailed Tits , let's hope they are luckier than last year when the nest was predated , probably by a Magpie . Still just butterflies that have hibernated as adults seen today , with 5+ male Brimstone , 2 Comma that seemed to spent all their time and energy fighting amongst themselves or with two Peacock that wanted to call the area theirs .


Phil said...

Blimey Greenie, this is turning into an epic!
I like the Oystercatchers, are you sure they're not decoys, stuck in the ground on a spike?
Also like the pair of Harriers, nice shapes.

Paul said...

Hi Greenie, I agree with Phil here, these last few posts you made have been epic. A real pleasure to see all that you have seen, through your photos.
I just have to mention the Grass snake pics(but many of your other pics are also of interest too)

Whilst I failed to post a comment on your many Adders/lizards pics, it certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by me, and I look forward to seeing many other reptile photos you may post in the future.

ShySongbird said...

It certainly was a good visit Greenie with lots of interest.

Nice to see the balletic Oystercatchers :) but a shame you missed the Spoonbill.

Lovely to see the butterflies too, they are showing well here too now.