Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday 21st .March 2011

I didn't know if or when I would get out today , as I had to stay in for the gas meter to be changed . I thought the usual would happen , last on the list , but for once , I was first on the list , and the job done by 0930 . No sooner were they out the door , so was I , on my way to Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey . Driving through fog for much of the way , I was wondering if it was a good idea , but as I got close , the cloud cleared and I arrived in sunshine . I took quite a few photos , so will spread them over the next days , whilst I'm volunteering .
Things looked sleepy as I turned onto the farm track , and spotted my first Brown Hare in the field before entering the reserve .
In the first ditch along the track , a Grey Heron hardly moved as I passed by . Even Warren's mate hadn't got out of bed yet .All along the track , there were good numbers of Redshank
and Lapwing , feeding or displaying . It was good to see all the scrapes full of water as well as the ditches . Halfway along the track , the 'jangle of keys' , a song I haven't hear for quite some time caught my attention . I stopped and photographed this singing Corn Bunting , then a little further along the track , found another three singing in a small tree .Nearing the car park , four ears caught my attention in the long grass , two vertical on the left and two horizontal on the right . I turned the engine off and sat and watched the pair . Eventually the came out of cover , with the male with just one thing on his mind , as he followed every move the female made . After about 10 minutes , the female raced off across the field behind , with the male in hot persuit , and disappeared out of view .Reaching the car park , a look over the scrape behind , showed a surprising number of Wigeon that are still on the reserve , and one of a large number of Little Egrets that were seen today .
To be continued .


Warren Baker said...

I had three Coots today Greenie! Spoilt rotten this year :-)

No Butterflies today then?

Phil said...

Hi Greenie.
I keep hearing about fog but we didn't get any here thankfully.
Good to find some Corn Buntings and I think your picture of the Hares is where the term "showing a clean pair of heels" might come from!

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Glad you had a good trip to Elmley. One of my favourite reserves.
Should have given me a call when you was near, I would have put the kettle on.
Look forward to see what else you saw.

ShySongbird said...

Clearly a very interesting place to visit Greenie and a treat to see the Hares.

Lovely to see the Corn Bunting too.

I look forward to reading and seeing more from your visit.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, great pics today, I love the entrance track to Elmley, you get some really nice views, likewise I'm looking forward to finding out what else you saw!