Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saturday 12th. March 2011

A great day for hedgelaying , but none today , the last day of the season being next Saturday , finishing off the hedge down off the Hogsback in Surrey . After that , a day burning off brash from a previous hedge , then nothing till October , what am I going to do on Saturdays ?
The cloudy morning forecast was wrong , and although a cool breeze was blowing , I went back to the Downs to see if things had changed since Tuesday . The was even stronger on the slopes , but it was good to see the sun again . Highlights of a five hour visit were
First Adder recorded on the site this year . As with all finds today , found away from refugia , as is normal as the animals come out of hibernation .
First photographed Brimstone , several being recorded over the visit . Also recorded , my first Comma and Peacock of the year .Three other male Adders found . The last two being only two metres away when taken .
No Summer migrants found , but this female Sparrowhawk , a male Kestrel and the flock of Fieldfares put in an appearance . My first Bee Fly of the year , an almost white specimen . Of interest , all Bee Fly larvae are parasitic on other insects , and most adults are parasites of solitary bees and wasps . Their eggs are scattered near their host's nests , and the larvae are carried or make their own way into the nests , where they attack the young of their hosts and their food stores .One of four Common Lizards , the only species found under refugia .The most interesting Adder , found on the edge of some scrub and on spotting me , made it's way back into the scrub ,then proceeded to climb a small Hawthorn , reaching a height of about 12"/30cms .The first Adder that I have ever seen climbing or in a tree , and that is where I left him .
In all , 9 Adders , all males were recorded , and before getting back to the car , the sunshine had disappeared and the wind was even cooler .


Anonymous said...

Great pics & a great day by the look of it, Greenie.

Adam said...

Fantastic photo of the Beefly Greenie.


ShySongbird said...

You made some great discoveries Greenie and with all those 'firsts' I think, yes we can 'venture into the realms of Spr...' ;)

Nice captures of your discoveries too. An Adder lounging in a tree! I would never have expected to see that

I don't think you will have any trouble at all thinking what to do on a Saturday and I'm sure we will all benefit from that :)

Warren Baker said...

Well as Songbird says Greenie, I dont think you'll be sitting around idle on saturday mornings !

No Butterflies, or bee flies here yet, I really want a Brimstone pic for my gallery, maybe this year :-)

Wilma said...

A great set of "firsts" that have me green with envy -- you have me anticipating spring in these parts of the world...


Kingsdowner said...

A great set of shots to encourage us for the coming Sp...
I was up near your downs on Saturday and had intended to walk the area, but work got in the way.
That's what I'm doing on Saturdays at the moment!