Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday 20th.August 2010

With sun shining , I set off early for a look over the Downs . As is my luck , no sooner had I arrived , then cloud started to roll in and the sun got very watery before disappearing altogether . But , before it did , I managed to find some butterflies and reptiles . A Common Lizard , basking in the sun ,
Good numbers of Small Heath , doing exactly the same , when not fighting each other ,
With the cloud , the wind increased , keeping most butterfly species tucked down in the grass , but it was obvious that Chalkhill Blue numbers have gone down already , but some were still nectaring , like this female on Autumn Gentian-Gentianella amarella . The male Chalkhill Blues were much less vibrant compared to when they first emerged ,Just 3 Adders were recorded , this male ,an immature female , and this immature male .
Just 2 Slow Worms were recorded , this female being one of them , A dark lump on the ground , turned out to be a pair of Red-tailed Bumblebees , making more .
A look in on the way home at the Butterfly Conservation site at White Hill above Shoreham , confirmed the reduced numbers of Chalkhill Blues , but I was pleased to see that the Devilsbit Scabious , that was decimated by rabbits last year , has not undergone the same demise this year , and is providing nectar for any remaining butterflies ,Also supplying nectar is Common Fleabane-Pulicaria dysenterica , but as usual , this flower is at it's best when butterfly numbers are diminishing , and finally , a shot of Common Poppy-Papaver rhoeas , which can be found in flower for the full five months from June to October .

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Warren Baker said...

Nice reptilian photo's Greenie. My trip to selborne was plagued by low cloud and drizzle, so no butterflies, but I enjoyed finding out more about Glber White, one of my inspirations.