Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday 25th.August 2010

My Warden had other business first thing this morning , up on the Greensand Ridge . While he dealt with that , I went for a look for fungi after a cool night . A sample of the species found were :- Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca - False Chanterelle , Lycoperdon foetidum ,Lactarius quietus / Oak Milk-cap ,
Boletus badius / Bay boletus ,Sparassis crispa , an unusual cauliflower like species , parasitic at the base of conifers . Boletus edulis / Cep or Penny Bun , the basis of most dried Mushroom soup , Calocera viscosa , a young specimen ,Amanita rubescens / The Blusher , I managed to catch it before it changed it's hair style like Dean's ones did ,
Langermannia gigantea / Giant Puff-ball , (£1 coin for size comparison) ,
and lastly , Coprinus plicatilis . Some work did get done eventually , but that came to a halt with the onset of heavy rain , for once forecasted correctly .


Warren Baker said...

That rain put a end to my fantastic morning Greenie. I hope you remembered to pick that pound up :-)

Wilma said...

Those little Coprinus mushrooms are so delicate. Great shots all round.

Anonymous said...

Quite a variety there Greenie. Still a bit slow on the fungi-front up here, but not as slow as the birding.