Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thursday 5th.August 2010

After two days volunteering up on the Greensand Ridge , with little wildlife seen apart from another Roe Buck , sauntering across the road in front of our vehicle . Back at the yard , the Warden said that it was almost the same spot where he had to have a female put down , after being hit by a car at the weekend .
With a list of things to do today , I only managed a short visit to the Farm lake in between some of those jobs . On arrival , only one adult and one juvenile Little Grebe were found , and I thought the worst . After yesterday's heavy showers , Odonata were very few , but the Black Tailed Skimmers were getting on with the important things in life .
The Blue-tailed Damselflies have been out for ages now , but some very fresh looking specimens were found . Just a single Common Darter was recorded , it would appear that they are not having a good year on this site . Most interesting specimen found , was a Common Blue Damselfly , trying to be an Emerald Damselfly , from the way it was holding it's wings at rest . Another single was a male Emperor Dragonfly , that flew in to shelter from another cloudy spell . From the condition of his wings , he hasn't seen much conflict .
The second brood Common Blue butterflies seem to be doing well here , even outnumbering the Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns . This one nectaring on Purple Loosestrife . A small fly caught my attention on Wild Carrot . A closer look showed a very long ovipositor on a female Ichneumon Fly sp.
Just about to leave the site , a call from the reeds , and out came another adult and juvenile Little Grebe . So they have lost one juvenile , but much better than my first findings .
And finally , having now processed all the Roe Deer shots from Monday , I had to smile at this one . The male definitely has the touch , going by the Doe's eyes .

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Phil said...

Some very nice Odonata shots Greenie. I've really struggled to get pictures of dragonflies this year, but there's still time. Thanks for your ID help on my last post.