Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday 24th.August 2010

With volunteering cancelled at the last minute , I decided to visit Sevenoaks Reserve ( Kent Wildlife Trust ) . In very squally conditions , these were the highlights ,
At least 3 Kingfishers seen , albeit at distance , none willing to pose on the posts right outside the hide , but the way they were chasing about , there could well have been more .
Around many of the lakes Gipsywort-Lycopus europaeus , another Labiate with a square stem was found . An old Willow tree was sporting a good growth of Laetiporus sulphureus-Sulphur polypore/Chicken of the Woods .Apart from Lapwings , a couple of Common Sandpipers in their 'bib and braces' identification , were the only waders seen .Passing by one of the islands was a family of Mute Swans , in line astern formation .
The Egyptian Geese were in much less formal order as they left the water to graze .
Getting back to the car just as a heavy shower started , I decided to look in at Bough Beech reservoir on the way home .Not much about except for this Common Snipe , and 2 Common and 3 Green Sandpipers , but they were well out camera distance .
I had to cross the Greensand Ridge to get home , so you should know what happened by now ,A large adult Grass Snake under the first refugia lifted .Followed by a female Adder under the second .Things went quiet then except for a Violet Ground Beetle-Carabus violaceus ,and under another refugia that held a very fast moving immature Grass Snake , the slough of that reptile , totally intact .
Once again , I made it back to the car by the skin of my teeth as the next heavy shower started .
Not wanting to push my luck any further , I headed home .


Warren Baker said...

well done with that Adder photo Greenie, very nice. All the showers went half a mile to the west of me, only splatters of rain were had :-)

abbey meadows said...

Nice photos Greenie...I like the velvet ground beetle.

abbey meadows said...

I meant violet...I've been looking at too much velvety fungi recently!

Kingsdowner said...

I read it as "Violent"