Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday 8th.August 2010

Unfortunately , we didn't have any more sightings of the Jersey Tiger moth , so things have gone back to normal after the excitement . I visited Salt Box Hill yesterday afternoon , but didn't have time to post the findings , so have combined it with my full Butterfly Transect at High Elms today . 19 species were recorded over the two sites , most of them duplicated , so I am showing the Salt Box Hill figures in brackets .
Large White - male pictured 5 (5) , Small White 8 (9) , Common Blue 197 (81) , Holly Blue 2 (0)

female pictured with extensive dark markings on wing edges , Gatekeeper 49 (24) , Peacock 3 (9) , Meadow Brown 197 (24) including this mating pair , Silver Washed Fritillary 12+ including five egg laying females and two courting couples (1) , Brown Argus 43 (25) , Small Heath 10 (2) ,
Small Copper 7 including this tiny specimen (0) , Brimstone 8 (9) , Speckled Wood 6 (2) ,
Green-veined White 3 (5) , Red Admiral 3 (0) , Comma 3 pictured above (3) , Ringlet 3 pictured(1) so come on Warren , they are still about even if they are past their best , White-lettered Hairstreak 4 (0) , Marbled White 0 (3) pictured below .
Apart from butterflies , I must have seen 40/50 Silver Y moths , migrants from the near Continent , but no sign of the Hummingbird Hawk moth that I found last visit .
Only other interest was a Fox that was too quick for the camera yesterday , and a Hornet that just would not pose today .


Warren Baker said...

How do you butterfly counts from this year compare to other years. 2010 seems a very good year all round.

PS I dont believe ringlets actually exist !

Wilma said...

Beautiful marbled white!

Kingsdowner said...

Fine butterfly figures, but have Skippers gone now?

For the record, I've had no Ringlets for a couple of weeks now.

John Young said...

Hi Greenie, Like Warren I think it has been a great year for butterflies. Also had a Jersey Tiger in my moth trap ove Friday night, what a surprise and great looking moth.

Greenie said...

Warren/Steve ,
Overall , I think it will go down as a good butterfly year , but in my experience , the species that overwintered as adults suffered from the long cold Winter ,as did the Purple Hairstreak , who's eggs must have been damaged by the cold , or predated by hungry birds etc .
Speckled Wood , all three Skippers and Ringlets all were recorded in fewer numbers and for much shorter flight periods too . I haven't recorded a Skipper for about 10 days now , and they usually go on well towards September .
The biggest success seems to be the Whites , whether by breeding or migration from the Continent , they seem to be everywhere at the moment .
Warren , they do , ask Steve .