Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday 28th. August 2010

Another disappointing bird survey at Down House , produced just 16 species , with the best of the bunch being 8 Mistle Thrushes which flew in calling , landing in the London Plane in the formal garden . The butterflies did much better with 8 species being recorded , the most numerous being the Small Copper , five of which went into the book .
Almost as numerous were the Hornets recorded on site , four in total .
At the far end of the large meadow , I spotted a male and female Roe Deer , probably the same pair I posted last survey . They were feeding right over in the furthest corner .
With no cover , I was only able to get so close , before they spotted me .I got a bit closer , before they had had enough , and headed for the nearest vegetation .
In the woodland , I came across Lepiota rachodes-Shaggy Parasol .
In the same woodland , the Violet Helleborine , posted after the last survey , has now finished flowering , and the seeds are almost ready to drop , and hopefully produce more plants next year . On one of the formal lawns , Paxillus involutus-Brown Roll-rim .
On the way back home for lunch , I stopped in at High Elms for a quick look around . No sign of White-letter Hairstreaks or Silver-washed Fritillaries , but Common and Holly , female pictured , Blues were recorded , amongst others .
Also on the wing were at least another four Hornets , and I saw one catch a Hoverfly from the Hemp Agrimony , and devour it in a matter of a couple of minutes . Watching the Hornets hunt , it was amazing how few insects they managed to catch , most evading their attacks easily .
After lunch , I helped Carol in the garden , and we were visited again by an immature Southern Hawker , this time a female , when she landed on a Geranium . After getting several shots , I gave her the same offer that I gave to the male previously , and she obliged . Only trouble was , with the 100mm. lens on , I couldn't extend my arm far enough to get a decent shot .And finally , a moth found nectaring on the Hemp Agrimony at High Elms , perhaps a bit too worn to get an ID , but perhaps ?
And once again , Dean/DDD comes up with the answer , Tawny-barred Angle . Thanks very much Dean .


Warren Baker said...

all very Autumnal Greenie, do you reckon we will get just one blast of summer during Sept :-)

Anonymous said...

Greenie, your moth looks like a Tawny-barred Angle.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Greenie, It's so good to be back :)

Summer seems/seemed so short this year, it seems to me that the light has changed and there are so many signs of Autumn around. Lovely to see the butterflies still though, I do like the Small Copper, possibly because I don't see it very often. It sounds like it was plentiful yesterday where you are.

I loved the photos of the Southern Hawker!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Another nice selection of photo's. godd one with the Southern Hawker on your finger, you will be teaching it to do tricks next :-)