Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday 15th.January 2010

Another grey day , without yesterday's rain , but with a biting wind that made the car thermometer reading of 5C. sound ridiculous . Once again , we were joined at breakfast time by the two Foxes in our garden . What I think is the dog , following every move of the other , never more than a metre away . By the time I got the camera and opened the back bedroom window , I found them on the fence and shed roof two gardens away . She was probably trying to get away from his advances , but he was sticking to his task , until whilst he was sniffing where she had been on the shed roof , she took her chance , and dropped down off the fence into the alley at the rear . But he wasn't going to be outdone , realising what had happened , he was once again on her trail . Later in the morning , I decided to have a look around Keston Ponds , hoping to relocate the Tree Creeper or the Grey Wagtail . I failed on both counts , and with very little of interest around the ponds , I headed for Hayes Farm , hoping for better luck . On the ground , just over the stile , was a good sized flock of Redwing , who , having stripped out all the berries in the neighbourhood , and with the melting of the snow , have started feeding on the ground . On the way , I had stooped again at the church in Hat=yes and the house opposite , and there is not a single berry left on any of the Pyracantha bushes . On the way to the Trout Fishery , several flocks of Redwings and Fieldfares flew over , all looking for an uncovered are of the horse paddocks to feed in . The Paddock alongside the Fishery once again held Rabbits , this large one right out in the middle of the field , an easy meal for a passing Buzzard ? Very little change on the lake , still 90% frozen over , but I only found one Egyptian Goose this time , the one that I thought was the male . One new resident though , this male Gadwall , keeping as far away from the camera as he possibly could . Having not seen them last visit , both Little Grebe put in an appearance this time , and one actually took time off from feeding to pose for a photograph . It didn't last though , as most sightings of the pair were either -
or , more often than not -
The two Mute Swans are still in residence , one of them seen here with some of the Mallards , Coots , Tufted Duck and at the edge of the ice , behind the Swan , both Little Grebe .


Warren Baker said...

all those ducks on that pond Greenie, most of which are seldom seen on my lake. I wonder what makes that pond more attractive than my lake ?

Anonymous said...

You`re deinitely getting your moneys worth out of the new camera. Keep it up.

ShySongbird said...

Your rain came our way today, Greenie but at least it cleared the snow away at last.

I shall look forward to the next instalment of the Fox tales (or maybe it should be tails!)

I haven't a berry left in my garden, I'm glad they provided some sustenance for the birds in the bad weather.

Lovely photo of the Redwing and the Swan.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Most people are happt to have 1 Fox visit, let alone 2. Nice photo's of them. Good pictures of the wildfowl too, especialy the Gadwall.There a great looking bird when you get a good view of them. Have a good weekend.