Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday 24th.January 2010

What with hedgelaying yesterday and spending four hours up on the Greensand Ridge today sorting out surveying for reptiles over the coming year , wildlife sightings were very few and far between . A large flock of mixed Corvids , mainly Jackdaws , were noisily feeding in the fields today , along with the odd Greater Spotted Woodpecker , Nuthatch and mixed Tit flocks . No reptiles were found under the refugia , not surprising given the recent weather , but always the chance of a Common or Great Crested Newt at this time of year . Two Pigmy Shrews were found , but unfortunately the weather hadn't slowed them down , and they disappeared into the leaf litter at a rate of knots . At the big house , a flock of Canada Geese were feeding on the lawn one side of the lake and one of Greylag were on the other side .
The only picture taken today was this Nectria cinnabarina-Coral Spot Fungus , found in large amounts on Sycamore brash around one of the glades that we have created .

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ShySongbird said...

A shame you didn't manage a photo of the shrews, the only time I saw one I had no camera! I shall look forward to your reptile surveys again.