Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday 28th.January 2010

Two cold days hedgelaying up on the Greensand Ridge , produced Common Buzzards , heard both days , somewhere down on the farmland below , but not seen . Not surprising , as I read a report of 10 in the air together last weekend at Bough Beech reservoir , a matter of a few miles away . Only other interest were Fieldfares , once again heard not seen , at regular intervals over the two days .
Today's task up on the Common , finished early , but interestingly heard news of two sightings of Woodcock , flushed during the snow , both on the heathland area .
The early finish meant that I could catch up with a few tasks and have a quick look in at South Norwood Country Park . I headed straight to the lake , now fully thawed , but was disappointed to find that all the Shoveler had moved on , and it was back to Mallard , Moorhen
Coot 9 sorry Warren ) , a single Grey Heron and Cormorant and a large float of BH Gulls was all that was to be found . No sign of Kestrels around their nestbox area , although I did find one hovering over the far end of the lake , with the sun directly behind . As I got into position out of the sun , a Carrion Crow chased it away , it was that sort of day . The walk over the top end of the park was very quiet after all the Winter Thrushes found on the last visit , just one Redwing was found this time . I did find a Fox along one of the ditches , but at the same time a chap came around the corner with a dog , that also spotted the Fox and started barking , and any chance of a shot went out the window . Odd mixed Tit flocks and a flock of about 10/12 LT Tits were seen and several Great Tits were 'teachering' incessantly . The odd Greenfinch and a few Wrens were all the smaller birds seen , until I came across this Robin , with attitude , giving it the old 'watching me watching you' scenario . A good number of Carrion Crows were gathered right in the middle of the park , a couple of RRParakeets flew over noisily , and the BH Gull numbers were still building as I got back to the lake . I noticed that the Lesser Black-backed and the Common Gulls were still in residence . A final scan of the lake produced the female Pochard , asleep amongst the overhanging branches , just a shame the sun wasn't on that brown head and neck . Just before leaving the platform , these two appeared from nowhere , looking for a final meal of the day ( sorry again Warren ) .
With the sun quickly sinking , when it showed , and the temperature dropping with it , I headed home .


ShySongbird said...

Warren saw a Woodcock today Greenie. Lovely photos again, that Robin certainly had you set!

Warren Baker said...

I get days like you did today Greenie (per the photographic opportunities) not so with the duck species though. :-)

Phil said...

I know what you mean with the teachering great tits Greenie, incessant is a good word.

Kingsdowner said...

I trust that the hip-flask incident is now behind you?

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Thanks for the concern .
At the moment I feel like Matt Dillon's sidekick , that dates me , with the stiff leg . Just started going upstairs / downstairs without 'double footing' each tread .
I find doing rather than sitting the best , and it seems to be working , out coppicing tomorrow .