Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday 25th.January 2010

Confined to barracks today , as a trip yesterday up on the Greensand Ridge , which I thought caused just a bruise , turned out to be a puncture wound in the muscle of the right thigh , from some old metal fencing that I landed on , and leaving me with a very dead leg . No I hadn't been to the pub Warren , nor will it be necessary to send flowers , as I hope to be hedgelaying tomorrow .
Over breakfast , Carol spotted movement on the patio , around the cage that she puts down to stop the Collared Doves and Woodpigeons hoovering up all the ground food . I got the camera and sat for a while in the sun lounge . One of the resident Dunnocks came and fed inside the cage , and I was beginning to think that this was what Carol spotted , until this little chap appeared . He's sitting still here , but made several dashes into the cage , to fill his pouches , disappearing for a short time , then re-appearing again , to refill the pouches . Not the best of shots , but it was taken through double glazing . Also putting in an appearance was the resident male Robin , who , I have noticed today , has found a mate . Another sign of the 'S' word , with the first Snowdrops in the garden coming into flower . With being imprisoned today , I kept a good eye on the feeders , hoping for that elusive Siskin or Redpoll , but it wasn't to be . Most of the usual suspects were seen , but no Winter Thrushes or Blackcaps , not surprising , as very few berries remain now . A pair of Coal Tits came to feed , but did not co-operate by getting in the same shot together . A pair of Blue and Great Tits also managed to evade the lens together . The Greater Spotted Woodpecker made morning and afternoon visits , and has got this Sunflower Heart thing down to perfection . As I said most usual species came through the day , but this Collared Dove posed best , so am posting it .
Two days hedgelaying , hopefully , wildlife ?


Phil Sharp said...

Some nice pictures there Greenie, the new toy is doing well! Hope to get mine soon.

Warren Baker said...

The photo quality is improving daily Greenie, nice shots today.

Keep that leg up!

Kingsdowner said...

Ouch, sounds painful.

Good to see snowdrops, but I fear it's not at all s-like at the moment.

Wilma said...

Love the little mouse shot. Not bad for day inside at all. Keep an eye on your leg; puncture wounds often become infected.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greenie. I can`t help noticing, but you don`t seem to use the "S" word in full. Go on, type it in all its glory ;-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
You have to be careful when you take a hip flask out with you.
Seriously though, sorry to read that you have been in a bit of pain and laid up for a day. Still it gave youthe opportunity to get some good photo's from your sick bed, or should I say chair.

ShySongbird said...

Ow! That doesn't sound nice at all, I hope it is improving a bit by now.

I am so envious of your visits from a GSW, lovely photo too and nice to see the four legged visitor also.