Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday 29th.January 2010

This morning , the weather was dreary , damp and cold . This afternoon , although the showers eventually cleared , it was bitter . This is why I only refer to the 'S' word , and do not mention it , in all it's glory , as I have been asked to do . We still have to get through my most dreaded month of February , before I can type it in full . With the promise of better to come , I headed off after lunch for a walk around Hayes Farm . I arrived in a snow flurry , and seriously considered getting straight back into the car and returning home , but decided to wrap up and get out there . Not that there was much out there to find . If you took Gulls and Corvids out of the equation , very little . I was pleased to be scolded by this Wren after ten minutes , at least I knew that I was not completely alone on the site . The paddock that contained all but one of the horses , also contained a flock of 40/50 Redwing and a handful of Fieldfare , feeding on the ground at a good distance from the track , and very flighty . 8 rabbits were feeding in the field next to the Trout Fishery , right at the far end . The Fishery itself was the quietest I have found it this Winter , with the pair of Little Grebe diving for food , right over in the far corner . As I was leaving , an angler was putting his gear in his car and I asked if he had had any luck . 'No was his answer , and I can't even feel my hands' , no surprising , as the wind was really whipping across the lake , which is at the highest point of the farm , and really bitter . He did mention that about a week ago , there were 4 Egyptian Geese on the lake , 2 more than I have found there . Unsurprisingly , RRParakeets overflew several times during my visit , and on my way back to the car , I located , at a distance , the mixed Finch flock . I headed over towards them , hoping for a shot , but well before I got there , they lifted off and settled high in an Oak . Looking through the 15/18 strong flock , there were no Chaffinches with them this time , being alost entirely Linnets , with just a couple of Goldfinches amongst them . Tomorrow , coppicing near Dorking , to get materials for the Lingfield hedge , in forecasted temperatures , even colder than today .


ShySongbird said...

You are quite right Greenie, February can be a bad month and, as it seems to be getting colder as we head into it, this year may be no exception.

The Wren photo is lovely, a difficult bird to capture, I think.

Mind you don't overdo it tomorrow with the injured leg.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Make sure you wrap up warm tommorrow,it is going to be bitter cold.
Well done on getting out there today.
Have a good weekend.

Warren Baker said...

It sure was a cold one Greenie. Had me running back home!