Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday 8th.January 2010

Today didn't provide the same sort of excitement as yesterday , and fewer species were seen coming to the garden to feed , although the sight of both foxes in the garden at breakfast time , did give a good start to the day . A poor shot I know , but they were chasing around the garden like mad , and the shot was taken through double glazing . Just one each of Fieldfare and Redwing were sighted in next door's garden , neither coming to feed in ours .
Lunchtime provided the laugh of the day , as , while we were eating , a male Blackbird appeared , disappeared , only to re-appear at the log standing on end with fat and seed in the drilled holes . He was flying up to the fat/seeds , grabbing what he could , before gravity brought him back to the ground , only for him to bounce straight back up again for another grab . This was what he was after , about 2 mtrs. up from the ground , and as can be seen , quite often he managed to grab a beak-full . The Great Spotted Woodpecker won't be too happy , as he spends quite a bit of time feeding on this every day .
After lunch , in a bit less grey period , I headed for Keston Ponds for a look around , not expecting much . I wasn't disappointed , as probably 95% of the water is frozen over and just one small area of the top pond has open water , probably kept open by the waterfowl themselves . One worrying sign , in the fresh blanket of snow over the frozen pond , footprints from one side of the pond to the other , unbelievable . No sign of the Grey Wagtail in her usual place , where water runs between two of the ponds , but in the little tunnel that carries the water , a set of icicles , with the water running below , were just waiting to be photographed . Apart from the odd Robin and a mixed Tit flock , I saw very little else , but on the way home along the bottom lane , I noticed a Fox bounding across the open paddock up on the hill . It would have made a good shot , but by the time I safely stopped , the Fox had reached the tree line . Almost home , I spotted a Redwing in a tree planted along the pavement , and as I slowed another joined it . I stopped on the other side of the road , and more flew in , and flew down to feed on a Pyracantha bush , in a front garden , overhanging the pavement . I stared shooting , and had managed 10/12 shots , when a car pulls in and parks , right in front of the bush , and frightened the Redwings off , not to be seen again . I am posting my favourite shot that I managed before the car arrived , another gymnastic effort , just like the male Blackbird .

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Warren Baker said...

Garden birds will be back tomorrow greenie, I find they feed up one day, then come back when they have used up their reserves. This means they don't get too fat, and so become slow, and easy meat for the Hwaks.