Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday 6th.January 2010

With a good 3 inches of snow falling overnight , and continuous light fall from daybreak onwards , needless to say , today's hedgelaying up on the Greensand Ridge went out of the window .
And it was looking out of the window , that I spent much of the day , in between replenishing food and water for the birds in the back garden . I don't think I have ever seen food devoured so quickly as it was today , with birds in the garden uncountable at times as there were so many coming and going . I did get a couple of jobs done in the garage , during which time I might have missed the odd species , but the garden list today totalled 19 , which is 3 better than the bird survey at Down House the other day . Not so many Redwings today , although a couple were attracted to the scramble for food on the path , but never came down to ground , but the 3 Fieldfares spent most of the day fossicking on the ground under the Cotoneaster bush next door . No sign today of any of the Blackcaps , even though the Callicarpa berries were freed of lying snow by the Chaffinches landing on the shrub before settling down on the path to feed . Nothing outstanding , just a continuous stream of hungry , thirsty birds , some of which follow -
I was concentrating on taking this long range shot of the Fieldfare , that it wasn't till later , I noticed the Redwing with it's back to the camera bottom left .
Like yesterday's shots , all taken with the new gear , answering Warren's question .


Warren Baker said...

Well the Blackcaps didn't come to my garden greenie!
Looks like another freeze tonight, keep feeding the birdies!

Phil Sharp said...

What exactly was the new toy Greenie?..........I want one!

Simon said...

Some more lovely photos today Greenie. You've captured the Jackdaw's character well in its photo. Well done with the Great Spotted Woodpecker photo, I know how flighty they can be.

Anonymous said...

Great shots again, Greenie.
Yeh, what exactly is your new toy ?