Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday 14th.January 2010

There have been some miserable days recently , but I think today takes the biscuit . Woke up to steady rain , which admittedly helped to melt the lying snow , but it continued until lunchtime , and was joined by a murky haze , which built into mist , which this afternoon , turned into fog .
Needless to say , I didn't go out in those elements , but did record a couple of bits of wildlife around the garden .
Three gardens along , the local pair of Magpies have decided it's time to renovate last year's nest , and start thinking about this year's broods . It was interesting to see that one bird , I assume the female , was doing all the work , straightening out the floor and rebuilding the roof , whilst the other seemed to spend his time off feeding , and coming back at regular intervals , to make sure she was doing it properly . The female can be just made out in the main body of the nest . Carol tells me that the Carrion Crows were doing similar to their old nest , high in one of the Lime trees in the street , whilst it was snowing last week .
Carol also found the second interest , when she went to get something from the shed . As she moved the trug which has been in place since the end of gardening last year , she noticed something on it . I went down to have a look , and it turned out to be a hibernating Peacock butterfly , our first record of the new season . A couple of quick shots , and the trug was replaced and the door closed , with the hope that it will make it through to Spring .


Warren Baker said...

Yep ! Your opening lines summed today up nicely Greenie. I should have stayed in too. :-)

Kingsdowner said...

A butterfly - must be nearly summer

Anonymous said...

It`s the sight of birds paying attention to nests that gives us hope that a new season is not far away. Bring it on.

ShySongbird said...

The female doing all the housework? Hmmm...I'm tempted to say nothing new there then but of course that would be very sexist!!!

I do hope the butterfly makes it, oh for butterflies again!

We have your weather today, I suppose the rain makes a change from snow.

Unfortunately I missed commenting on your last post but I have just enjoyed it and all the lovely photos, great to see the Kestrels.